A little explanation and start help.
I've kept this page VERY simple so as not to clutter up the page with too much code.
There is actually only One picture and one Link. And then this text.
If you click View and then click Source, you will see how this page looks in HTML-editmode.
Or better yet save and open the file in an editor-program like CuteHTML which has colour-coded the HTML-codes or "TAGS".
Notice the Sharp Brackets "<" and ">". They enclose the codes that tell the browser how this page is supposed to look.
They usually don't show because they are used by the Webbrowser to read and show the webpage.
Notice that most of them appear in Pairs like the "<"B">" and "<"/B">" which starts and ends BoldCharacters.
They can be called a StartTAG and and EndTag
(without the " " around the < and > which are only here at this place to enable showing you the codes).
Two HTML codes of particular interest are the Link code and the Image code.
Link code : "<"A HREF="joergenindex.htm(path and pagename)" ">"(StartTAG) the words you click "<"/A">"(EndTAG)
ImageCode(for showing a picture):"<"IMG SRC="sandypics/sandypeace.jpg(path and imagename)" ">"(no end tag)
In the two examples please note that the Path/Name of the picture and the Path/Name of the link are inside " ".
There two more which are VERY useful. The LineBreak- and the Center-codes.
Center a piece of text or an image by enclosing it between "<"CENTER">"(StartTAG) and "<"/CENTER">"(EndTAG)
Linebreak - a Single Code only - "<"BR">" (no end tag)

Hi Sandy. Leave this link here. It goes to the Black page which I made.

Joergens ExampleStartpage